Passive-Aggressive behavior is Crazy-Making!

Learn what you need to know to keep yourself safe from  emotional abuse and toxic relationships.

Work with Dr. Shaler


I’m Dr. Rhoberta Shaler and I’ve been working with folks like you – people searching for answers to healthier relationships – for more than thirty years.

I think wise people — ones who know what they want and are focused on creating the best life, relationships and business success possible — naturally get help the moment they know they need it.

I’m here to provide you with that kind of help.

Here are a few things about me that might help you make the decision for us to work together. Helping individuals, couples and families get the insights, skills and strategies they need to create the life and relationships they most want is what lights my fire.  It really does.


BIG BUT: There is a but–I only work with people who are ready to see through, think through and work through the obstacles and fears, scripts and blind spots. Doing so allows you to flourish, to experience the life and love you long for. If that’s you, let’s get started! 

Everyone has obstacles, fears, scripts and blind spots!

It’s whether or not you work through the hard stuff that makes all the difference to the quality of your life.

We can work together, no matter where you are.

If you live in the San Diego area, you are welcome to come to my office in Escondido.

If you live anywhere else, the magic of Zoom, with video conferencing puts us together instantly.


You can even book your own appointment online. Create a login and away you go! Book an appointment NOW.