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Are You Experiencing “Sneaky Anger”?

Sneaky anger! Sarcasm, potshots and offhand comments made to you while others are present so that you cannot respond. Sound familiar?    If you recognize that you use sneaky anger or you are on the receiving end of sneaky anger, then you will benefit from these relationship help insights for creating healthier relationships.  People who… Continue reading →

Am I Living with a Passive-Aggressive Man?

An unlikely, but newsworthy, top story: “Passive-aggressive men drive their partners crazy daily!” Are you being driven crazy by the behaviors of a passive-aggressive man? Read on and see.  Yes, of course, passive-aggressive behaviors are not limited to men. But for today’s post, I want to focus on them because, often, we women have deep-seated…Continue reading →

Are You Setting Boundaries That are Clear & Well-Expressed?

Ever feel used, abused and confused?  It may be that you are suffering from “Boundaryitis”.  Boundaryitis ! You’re inflamed because people walk all over you. You have no boundaries to keep you safe. That’s what boundaries are for. Boundaries are fundamentally important to creating healthy relationships. They are essential in relationships with people you love,… Continue reading →

When S/He has a Hissy Fit

What do you do when your partner has a hissy fit? When s/he explodes over something small, or even medium-sized, that affects him or her and seems to feel you are the lucky recipient of the wrath, judgments, inequities, upsets and irritations? Do you watch? Listen and watch? Try to understand? Try to defend? Try… Continue reading →

Is it the little things that really get to you?

Oh, yes! Those little sideways glances, rolling eyes, hrmphs, and pauses are often the things that set off conversations that go nowhere good.  It’s the little things. It’s the lid off the toothpaste tube each morning with all that bright blue goop in the sink. It’s the failure to put on a new roll of… Continue reading →

“That REALLY bugs me!!!”

Are there things your partner does that cause you to say “That REALLY bugs me!”? And, when you say it, are you thinking s/he should now change that behavior?  Oops! That’s not a reasonable expectation. I know you might think it is and you might even pull out that old, awful, in-my-opinion-never-to-be-heard-again phrase:  “If… Continue reading →

“So, the passive-aggressive guy said….!”

Maybe it was Art Linkletter who said, “Passive-aggressive men say the darndest things!”  The passive-aggressive guy said,  “If I can’t get what I want, then why should I give you what you want?” Now, in a supposedly loving relationship, that’s quite curious. It turns relationship into bartering. And, of course, it’s not rocket science to… Continue reading →

Are You Getting Diatribes When You’re Wanting Dialogues?

Sometimes, we’re afraid to open up conversations about troubling issues for fear it will only make matters worse.  We’re afraid that we’ll be met with a diatribe and there will be no dialogue. Sound familiar? What’s a diatribe? Well, that’s when someone holds forth and seldom takes a breath while giving you all the reasons,… Continue reading →

Could You Have Unmanaged or Mismanaged Emotions?

We usually think that we are quite rational and justified in expressing our emotions. Some of us hold forth about them at length, given the opportunity. The big question: Are your emotions in proportion to the situations, relationships and circumstances you’re responding to? Is it possible that you have some unmanaged or mismanaged emotions? Maybe…Continue reading →

Are YOU Behaving in Passive-Aggressive Ways?

How do you know if you are passive-aggressive? Aside from the obvious wake of people who won’t get close to you, there are certain things to think about to determine if your behavior is passive-aggressive. GOOD NEWS: People are not passive-aggressive by nature.  It’s their communication and conflict management patterns that ar, and these are…Continue reading →


Is your relationship really a competition?

Relationships are often competitions in disguise. When you really step back and look at them, perhaps with a little relationship help, the main event of the relationship is the constant battle for supremacy, control, and maybe even a little domination. Not healthy. Doesn’t feel good, but folks do it all the same.  Competition. It’s tension-producing,… Continue reading →

Are You Looking for a Fight?

The big question in any conflict is: Are you looking for a fight or trying to make things right? If you are looking for a fight in a troubled, or even in a relatively calm, relationship, you’ll likely find it.  You can, though, change your focus to trying to make things right with a little… Continue reading →

New EBook for you on Dealing with Passive-Aggressive Behavior & People

It’s ready for you. My new ebook, STOP! That’s Crazy-Making! will help you to recognize, respond to, and recover from the passive-aggressive behavior of the folks in your life at home and at work. We are often confounded by the behavior of others. One of those confounding behaviors in passive-aggressive behavior. Many of my blog… Continue reading →

Passive-Aggressive Behavior is Crazy-Making!

It leaves you with that yucky feeling, the feeling of just being sucker punched. It leaves you shaking your head in disbelief. It’s like a nightmare where you try to run away and all you ever find are cul-de-sacs with no escape. It’s crazy-making. It’s infuriating. It’s passive-aggressive behavior! And, it requires relationship help. It’s… Continue reading →

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Do You Have a Crazy-Making Partner or Co-Worker?

Do you have a partner, boss or co-worker who you would often–operant word, often–describe as crazy-making?  Does s/he frequently seem to give with one hand and grab it back with the other? This can be a description of the emotional and verbal behavior of a passive-aggressive person. My friend, Brenda, was telling me about her… Continue reading →

How to Recognize a Passive-Aggressive Person

Is there someone in your life that catches you off-guard and drives you around the bend? It may be someone you really love, or want to love, but you feel like life with them is full of “gotchas!” You may well be loving a passive-aggressive person and you’ll get great insights into recognizing that behavior in this blog post. Continue reading →

Receiving Criticism from Unvalued Sources…

Have you ever had someone you hardly knew–and, who hardly knew you–decide to tell you something about yourself that they have noticed and do not like? It’s a strange situation, isn’t it? I think so. I wonder if they think it is a way to build intimacy in a… Continue reading →

I just don’t know why s/he gets under my skin!

Have you ever been ‘gone around’ at work? You know those times when you are the point person for a particular project and your requests for co-operation are ignored or you feel purposefully left out of the loop. Recently I was coaching a management team where this was common. No wonder they were at each… Continue reading →

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Are you enabling a passive-aggressive person?

The second post on managing passive-aggressive co-workers. It is imperative to have the strategies you need to manage these absolutely infuriating folks at work. Read on… Continue reading →

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Working with the poster child for passive-aggression?

Do you know what passive-aggression is, how to recognize it and what to do about it? This is the first installment in a short series that will be intermingled with other posts over time. Read on… Continue reading →

Repeated poor behavior needs boundaries – even at work!

How much do you put up with at work from your employees? Do you know how to up the ante or pull the plug? Here’s an example that might help….read more. Continue reading →