Passive-Aggressive behavior is Crazy-Making!

Learn what you need to know to keep yourself safe from  emotional abuse and toxic relationships.

Are you noticing passive-aggressive behaviors?

There are definite signs that the behavior you are experiencing and/or expressing is passive-aggressive! Once you know, you can get on with living with less anxiety and confusion… and more confidence.

3 steps to uncovering the passive-aggressive game and putting an end to it in your life forever:

  1. RECOGNIZE: Identify the behaviors as passive-aggressive patterns
  2. RESPOND: Learn the skills to respond appropriately and healthily
  3. RECOVER:  Get the insights and help you need to re-establish your center and your competence and confidence to never go there again!


If you know you’re dealing with a passive-aggressive person in your day-to-day life – a partner, parent, boss, co-worker, friend… here are a few tools you can use right away to get clarity, skills, and confidence in managing this crazy-making game in your relationships.

Need more insight into your relationship? Take our free “Relationship Help Checklist” and find out ways to build, change or enhance your relationship.

Unsure what Passive-Aggressive behavior actually IS?

It is sometimes hard to identify. Read this blog post to help clarify if what you’re dealing with is actually passive-aggression, or if it’s just a momentary lapse of reason.