Passive-Aggressive behavior is Crazy-Making!

Learn what you need to know to keep yourself safe from  emotional abuse and toxic relationships.


Stop! That’s Crazy-making! How to Recognize, Respond to, and Recover from Passive-Aggressive Behavior.

If you are living or working with someone whose behavior is unpredictably predictable, you may well be living with a passive-aggressive person. Does this sound familiar? They:

  • keep you on edge
  • make your question yourself
  • make you doubt your memory
  • frustrate you beyond words
  • make you want to give up
  • trip you up just when you were certain it was going to be smooth sailing.

It’s that “I can’t quite put my finger on what it is”  that is so crazy-making.


This ebook will help you see the patterns and recognize the ways your choices can feed into the frenzy.

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Passive-aggressive people are usually quite unaware that they are being crazy-making. They are quite sure that it is your problem. In fact, they may be quite confused when you point out the moments (hours or days) that are problematic. That’s because they do not see the behavior in themselves.

Passive-aggressive Disorder is actually a recognized psychological diagnosis.Problem is that, unlike a broken leg or a neck brace, the underlying disorder is created for everyone around the person who has the issue. How’s that for sharing? I know, you could do without it!  But, there it is.

So, read the ebook, get the insights you need to live or work with that behavior that catches you off-guard, takes you unawares, and makes you feel as though the very ground you’re walking on is suspect some days. You need to know:

  • Inside Secrets of a Passive-Aggressive Relationship
  • How to Recognize Passive-Aggressive Behavior
  • How to Respond to Passive-Aggressive Behavior wisely
  • How to Recover from Passive-Aggressive Behavior

I want you to get the insights you need to make better choices when dealing or living with passive-aggressive people.  Information is so important to learning how to make your life and relationships healthier and happier.  That’s why I’m making this ebook available to you as a PDF here, and also available on Amazon for your Kindle, for only $4.95.

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